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Mind and the Philosophy of Medicine with David Corfield

March 31, 2022 David Corfield Season 2 Episode 7
Living Philosophy
Mind and the Philosophy of Medicine with David Corfield
Show Notes

Medicine involves more than science and evidence-based experiments. In today’s health climate—where there seems to be a conflict of interest between health care, on the one hand, and pharmaceutical companies and the privatization of medicine, the other hand—it is easy to overlook a more holistic approach that understands how illness is causally linked to both the mind and body. David Corfield (University of Kent, UK) is Associate Professor of Philosophy, with special interests in the philosophies of mathematics, science, logic, medicine, history, and psychoanalysis. He discusses the importance of the role of the mind in medicine, and more generally, how a well-rounded approach to academic research and investigation provides a much more balanced and informed perspective.

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